Franklin Graham’s Boldness

Being bold about your beliefs is difficult.  You must have a thick-skin when it comes to criticism and you can not be afraid about what someone may do to you because of what you say. 

Franklin Graham is holding a Festival in Knoxville on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend any of these meetings.  I have kept up with the best that I can and, if this article in the Knoxville News-Sentinel ( is a good indicator, then Franklin does not lack in boldness. 

I appreciate his ministry and his words and pray that the response will be great to the messages that are shared.


One thought on “Franklin Graham’s Boldness

  1. I was not able to attend any of the festival either and have kept up with it online via the KNS. I appreciated the way that Rev. Graham spoke out against the sins that many people today are claiming as “rights.” A few bloggers are stating that Graham is spreading “intolerance” and that he is “offending” people with his sermons. If anyone is offended at hearing Graham’s truths, it’s because it convicts them of their own sin. How sad I feel for those folks. I realize that they are sincere in their viewpoints, however, they are sincerely wrong. I pray for them and hope that they come to grips with reality before it is eternally too late.

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