The End is Near/The Beginning is Near

The journey that began a little over 8 months ago is about to come to an end.  Kristy is almost 37 weeks pregnant and her belly looks like an overfilled balloon.  She’s still beautiful though.  Her eyes sparkle, her smile makes my heart soar, her laughter fills me with joy.

It’s been an interesting journey.  The first trimester was filled with the sound of Kristy vomiting every morning and being tired every evening.  The second trimester she felt much better physically, but we worried a lot then, wondering if anything would go wrong.  This last trimester has seen us at the doctor’s office on a regular basis.  Kristy has had elevated levels of amniotic fluid that caused the doctor a little bit of concern.  It seems everything is ok as we head toward the finished line.

I’m as excited as a 4 year old on Christmas morning.  I’m also as nervous as a man about to jump out of an airplane without a parachute.  We have 4 children, but we’ve never done this part of it before (our other 4 kids are adopted).  I have been told what to expect and people have tried to encourage me by promising that I wouldn’t pass out during the delivery.  I’ll believe that when I see it.

Of course, after the birth we will have a new little life that depends on us.  To be honest, I often feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of being a good, godly father to my kids.  They look up to me for guidance and for love.  Sometimes I don’t feel up to the challenge, but I keep trying any way.  I pray that they will always know that I love them and that they can turn to me with any problem that they might have.

Life is exciting with plenty of twists and turns.  Thank God for His awesome blessings.


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