Go Time

In just a few hours (6:30 am on Thursday, May 8th) Kristy and I are scheduled to arrive at the hospital in order for Kristy to be induced so that Mary Hope can arrive. 

Only yesterday (or so it seems) Kristy was calling me at work telling me that I had to leave and get to her because of something she found out at her doctor appointment.  I hurried to meet up with her, worried about what might be wrong only to find out about what was right.  She was pregnant.

Over the next few months, we prayed, worried, complained, and hoped for this day to come.  Now that it is here, I am a mixture of relieved and nervous.  More nervous than relieved, though.

We have 4 children, but since they are adopted we have never experienced this side of things before.  I have tired to mentally prepare myself and hope that I won’t pass out during the process.

Waiting is the hardest part.  I’m so excited to hold our new baby girl in my arms that I’m sure I’ll find it hard to fall to sleep tonight. 

Thank you to all who prayed for us–please keep it up–for Kristy, Mary Hope, and the fraidy cat who will be hoping not to faint.


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