Mary Hope’s Arrival

We arrived at the hospital a little before 6:30 on Thursday morning.  The nurses came in and started Kristy’s IV with fluids and oxytocin/pitocin (fluids that I probably misspelled which induce labor).  Wishful thinking had the baby being born around 3 pm.  She did not arrive until 8:38 pm.

This did not mean that I was bored, though.  Between 9 and 11 am, all 4 of my children arrived along with my parents, Kristy’s parents, an aunt and an uncle, and Kristy’s sister.  Have you ever tried entertaining 4 children 6 years old and under in a hospital for 12-14 hours?  It requires a bus-load of patience and a whole lot of food.  Many thanks to Grammy, Gramps, Nonnie, Paw, Aunt Tammie, Uncle John, Laurie and everyone else who helped in the colossal endeavor of controlling the Cannon kids.

Finally, a little after 7 pm, Dr. Yang came in and declared that having a C-section may be the only/best way of getting the baby out.  Kristy and I immediately agreed, but we didn’t realize it would happen so soon.  When the doctor left, our family came in so we could tell them the news.  Nonnie started crying, then Kristy, then Laurie, then just about everyone else.  Except for me.  I was in a little bit of shock.  Or terror. 

The nurses came in and made everyone leave, which involved more tears, hugs, and kisses.  Then they gave me some scrubs to put on.  This included a little bitty hat that I had to put on my big head.  I looked more than a little silly, but I didn’t care.  Mary Hope was about the be here.

They wheeled Kristy into the operating room and told me to wait outside for a few minutes.  It felt like forever.  When they let me in the room, they took made me sit beside Kristy’s head and put up a sheet so that I could not see what was happening to her belly.  I’m sure it also kept me from a) puking, b) passing out, c) freaking out, d) all of the above.

Once in the room, it all happened so fast.  Kristy could feel pressure and a little bit of pain, but what really bothered her was that she could hear the scissors as they cut.  I kept my eyes on Kristy–she looked gorgeous in spite of all she had been through.  I kept saying things like “I love you” and “You’re doing great.” 

When it was time to pull the baby out, they told me to stand up and take a picture if I wanted to.  I did and I didn’t even pass out.  When I’ve seen births on television, I’ve been grossed out.  But not with this one.  It was wonderful.  After the doctor cut the umbilical cord, a nurse took her and began cleaning her up.  And I fell in love.  Her face, her black hair, her eyes, her feet with long monkey-like toes–everything just perfect. 

Kristy cried and I teared up a bit, too.

After sewing Kristy up, they rolled her back into her room and I got to carry the baby.  Once there, the nurse started doing nurse-stuff and I went out into the lobby.  I told those who were there (about 20 people in all) about the baby and how Kristy was doing.  I also showed them pictures.

A little while later, our kids and the 4 grandparents came back to the room.  The kids were so excited, wanting to hold her and touch her.  The grandparents were even more excited.  When the left, the rest of the adults were allowed to come in.  Many thanks to everyone for being there and for being so supportive.

I also want to thank the rest of our family, friends, church family, and everyone else for your love and prayers.  It’s hard to believe that I’m a daddy again.  Please keep praying for all of us; it will take a little while for Kristy to recuperate.

Most of all, I thank God for allowing this to happen.  Kristy and I never thought that we would have a biological child.  Being able to adopt our other 4 children helped to fill the void, of course, and we wouldn’t change what we did for anything.  And now, after almost 9 years, to have Mary Hope—what a BLESSING!

God, you are surely good and your kindness extends even to people like me.  Thank You.


8 thoughts on “Mary Hope’s Arrival

  1. Awesome, hope you aren’t losing too much sleep!
    btw…Love the name, my wife’s name is Mary and my youngest daughter’s middle name is Hope!

  2. Congratulations, Matt. She’s beautiful (I saw Kristy’s Myspace pics). And even the other babies are growing up—Jonathan especially—he looked so old! We miss them, and hope everyone is still doing great!

    Love always,

  3. Thanks, Ashley. We miss you all, too. We’re doing pretty good–staying busy with T-ball and Wee-ball, church, and, of course, the new baby. I’ve been reading your Myspace blog; glad everything is going well for you.

    God Bless.

  4. Congrats! I got to see some pictures today. Mary Hope looks like you (but don’t worry, she is still beautiful!) It was good to see pic’s of all the other kids as well. I miss seeing their smiles light up the church. We would love to see all of you again.


  5. Thanks, Tammy. We’re surely blessed. Mary Hope has just enough of Kristy in her to be pretty. Let us know when the Father’s Day thing (or anything like that) is and we may be able to come.

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