Beautiful Stories

The Christian Faith is beautiful to me.  A few years ago, this thought would have never crossed my mind.  Back then I was into the propositional truth part of it and enjoyed apologetics (the art/science of being able to intellectually defend Christianity).  I was all head/very little heart.

I still enjoy the doctrine side of my faith.  Truth is still awesome and is able to change lives.  However, Christianity is also relational–God is a real being with real feelings who created being with real feelings so that we could enjoy Him in all of His fullness.  It is not enough to no true things, we must have a true relationship with God through Jesus. 

One of the most beautiful thing to me about my faith is the stories that are interwoven both through Scripture and through our lives.  The Bible is more than just a list of “dos” and “do nots,” it is the story of how God set a group of people apart for Himself, how that group of people failed over and over, and how that group of people has been expanded to include all who lose themselves in Jesus.

This story continues on.  I’ve recently been let in on the stories of more of the people at Stoney Point Baptist Church (the church I am privileged to pastor).  It is amazing to me how God works in ways big and small in the lives of so many.  It is also amazing that extensive biblical knowledge is not necessary for a person to be a witness for Christ.  All a person needs to know is what Christ has done for him/her.  If that is shared with much love, much good can be accomplished.

Doctrine is still important.  But so is how God is working out His good pleasure in the lives of His people.  I’m happy to be along for the ride.


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