Adopted vs. Biological

Mary Hope is 5 weeks old.  Wow!  This seems impossible. 

So far, everything has been pretty good.  She had some trouble at first with an infection, but that is fine now.  Then, she was spitting up a lot and it seemed like her stomach was hurting quite a bit, so the doctor changed her formula to one of the most expensive kinds available.  I don’t mind this, as long as her little tummy doesn’t hurt as much. 

There is one thing, though, that has caused me a little aggravation and I really wasn’t expecting it.  I have been asked, and in some cases told about, how much different I must feel toward Mary Hope than I do toward our other 4 children, who are all adopted.

Due to all of this kind of talk, I have dwelt on it a little bit and come to a conclusion–for me, there is no difference.  The way we got Mary Hope (from the womb) is of course different than how we got the other children (from DCS) and that is about the only difference for me.

You may think that I am not being completely honest with myself and that, surely, I must feel about Mary Hope a little bit differently than rest.  To be honest, I don’t care how others think I should feel about this issue-my feelings are my feelings.  I love all my children the same. 

However, I am enjoying Mary Hope as a baby more than I did the last 3 babies.  Maybe it’s because I’ve matured some and can take time to “stop and smell the roses.”  I think the main difference is that the last 3 were all babies at the same time and I didn’t have the ability to spend a whole lot of time holding any of them due to constantly changing diapers.

So, if you want to know whether it feels any different to have a biological child vs. an adopted one–here is one person who says that there is no difference at all.

I’m a blessed man.


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