A Constant Beat

Confession time:  I was a band geek.

There, I said it.  It is true.  I could change the phrase to “I am a band geek,” because once a band geek, always a band geek.  Whichever.  What is true is true–there is no use in hiding it. 

Until my senior year I played the mellophone (sort of like a bloated trumpet) in the marching band and the french horn in the concert band.  Sadly, I quit band my senior year due to a scheduling conflict and because I was heavily involved in basketball.  But I do have good memories.

I remember the trips to and from the games on the band bus.  I remember Mr. Coker’s uptightness and the way Mr. Thomas always hit himself in the stomach to prove a point about his superior lung capacity.  Most of all I remember the sounds. 

Of all the sounds I remember, though, one stands out above the rest.  As we marched from the band room to the field at home games, or from the bus to the field at away games, the snare drum kept us line. 

With about 60 people marching, it was important for us to stay together.  The snare drum was instrumental in doing just that.  Every time our left foots hit the ground the drum would sound–tat, tat, tat.  This kept us going at a steady clip.  If the director wanted us to go faster, he would tell the drummer to speed up–and we would all fall in line. 

I was thinking about this the other day as I pondered a trait that I highly admired–the trait of consistency.  There are plenty of people who get excited about something and start out great, only to fizz out when it gets difficult or boring.  It is much more difficult to be passionate and consistent.

In my mind, more followers of Christ need to be like the snare drum that I so fondly remember.  Constant–helping others stay in line.  The snare drum never demanded that we shape up and follow the beat–it just provided a steady beat for us to march to.  If we wan’t to stay in rhythm, we could.  If not, we did not have to.

A consistent life following the Savior should not demand all others do the same–it should just give others a pattern to follow. 

I thank God for those who helped me be consistent and I must strive to be the same for others who may be following my path.  It’s not an easy job, but I believe it to be a rewarding one.  Join me in doing what we can to be consistent.  The are those who need a beat to walk to.


2 thoughts on “A Constant Beat

  1. Matt, I was a band geek as well. I played the trombone at Gibbs High. Mr. Coker was an assistant at Gibbs for a while, he was pretty uptight. Our main director was Mr. Kyle, he would sometimes get mad and blow his top. I remember losing my shoes while marching on the Carter High football field in October. The field was very muddy and wet and each time I marched a great suction would form under my feet. Finally my shoes just gave way and I was out there in my socked feet marching around. Someone had to dig my shoes out of the mud after we marched to the sidelines. Those were the days my friend!

  2. My last year of band we had an assistant band director named Mr. Kyle–probably the same person. Carter’s field was not the best, but the worst thing about it back then was the smell from the sewage treatment plant next door. Heritage High School had to most horribly muddy field that I can remember. Slipping and sliding in white shoes and white band pants. What a mess.

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