9 Years and Counting

Yesterday, July 3rd, Kristy and I celebrated our 9th year in wedded bliss.  I love her more today than ever, even though, with our gaggle of kids, it is difficult for us to get much alone time.

Kristy has taught me much in our time together.  I am far more compassionate now than I was 9 years ago.  I like (or at least tolerate) animals far more than I did back then.  And now, thanks to Kristy, I know a lot more about washing clothes and raising kids than I would have otherwise.

Every anniversary I am reminded of my mom’s encouraging words when Kristy and I told her we were going to get married.

Upon hearing the news, my mom said (without missing a beat)

“Well, I hope it will last.”

So far, so good.

Thanks Kristy for all you’ve given me–especially your love.


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