An Attitude of Gratitude

If you know my family, you know that when we all go anywhere it is a toss-up on whether we’re going to have a good time or not.  I don’t mean to sound negative about my children–they are often well behaved and joys to be around.  However, on occasion, when they all decide to act like monkeys on speed at the same time, I can feel myself growing older by the mili-second.

So, I really didn’t know what to expect when Kristy and I took all 5 of them (Mary Hope included) to a Tennessee Smokies baseball game last Friday night.  I had been given free tickets from work and thought we could have a good time–especially since there is a fireworks show after every Friday night game.

After arriving for the game and eating in the park restaurant, we settled into our seats for what I feared would be the longest nine innings of my life.  But something great happened, our kids behaved magnificently. 

Sure, I got aggravated at having to take them to the restroom 67 times (give or take), but for the most part I couldn’t have imagined them acting any better. 

After the game had ended and the fireworks were going off, Noelle looked up at me and said: “Thanks for doing this for us–it’s fun.”  If that wasn’t great enough, on our way out to our Expedition to leave Bradley said: “This was the most awesome day ever!”

We have tried to teach our children to be grateful for what we do for them.  It is a real treat when we are able to see very clearly the fruits of our labors.

This past Sunday as I sang praises to my Lord during our morning worship service I wondered if God felt the same way I did when my kids expressed their gratefulness to me.  I hope so.  It’s a good feeling and I surely want to make Him feel good.


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