Fireworks–A Parable

Once there was a man who had an extreme passion for fireworks. And he was very rich.

So great was his wealth and his passion that one day he made a drastic decision. He gave all of his money to possess all of the fireworks in the world. It seemed insane to everyone else, but to him it made all of the sense in the world. Why wouldn’t he give everything for the things that he loved?

Once he had the fireworks in his possession, he set about the process of lighting thousands each day. But there were a few problems.

There were some that refused to be lit. No matter how hard he tried, the man could not get the wicks to catch fire. Those that would not light he sadly threw away.

Other fireworks lit quickly and with great heat, but fizzled out before they even left the ground. Though the man worked with them to re-light them, nothing worked. Those were disposed of as well.

Still other fireworks lit and rose into the air, only to fall to the ground prematurely. The man was a little more pleased with these. However, they did not do what he desired them to do.

Lastly, there were some fireworks that lit quickly, rose into the air steadily, and burst into beautiful colors that shone brightly in the sky. This made the man fill with joy and the sacrifice he had made in order to obtain the fireworks.

All around him, those who had ridiculed his decision to give up his wealth for the fireworks finally understood. Because of his decision, his name became known far and wide and others came to love the fireworks as much as he did.


This parable is written with apologies to the greatest teller of parables–Jesus. In the parable, the wealthy man who purchased the fireworks represents God–who gave His only begotten Son in order to purchase salvation for all mankind.

The fireworks that would not light are those who refuse to accept the gift of salvation. The ones that lit but fizzled are those who received the Gospel with their intellect, but do not give their lives to the Savior. Those fireworks that light and fly up but fall too early are those who accept Christ but do little else to bring glory to His name.

But the fireworks that are lit, rise high, and fill the sky with beauty are what every Christian should strive to be—people who bring glory and notoriety to the name of our King.

While this parable is not perfect and pales in comparison to the parables of the Perfect One, I believes it accurately describes much of what the Christian faith is about.

I pray that all those who follow Christ will live to know Him and make Him known.


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