Somewhat Peaceful, Somewhat Not So Much

We (Kristy and our 5 children all under the age of seven) just got back from the beach a couple of days ago.  If you think that taking that many young kids to the beach is a lot of work…you’re right.

First, there are lots of things to pack.  Fortunately for me, Kristy did all of this.  I’m not sure if she enjoys this or not, but she does an awesome job.  To be honest, I wouldn’t care if she did a terrible job–at least I didn’t have to do it.

Secondly, the trip is a tad difficult.  We never know when one of the yahoos will have to potty.  It is totally random.  You’d think that they would have to a while after thay drank something–you’d be wrong.  There were times that they would have a lot to drink and not have to go for a couple of hours.  There were other times when they would drink nothing and have to go immediately.  Also, the baby had her moments.  Mary Hope will be 3 months old as of tomorrow.  She’s a great baby, but she despises her baby carrier/car seat.  I’m not sure, but I think that if she could talk she would have some very unsavory words for it.

Lastly, the kids would get so hyped up about all of the days’ acitivities that they would have a difficult time going to bed.  I had hoped not to administer any spankings on vacation.  That idea went out of the window rather quickly.

Overall though we had a great time.  The kids enjoyed the beach and the other stuff that we did.  I enjoyed watching them and spending time with my family.  I’m glad we’re back, though.

Many thanks to Aunt Carol for allowing us to use her trailer that is about a mile from the beach.  Without it we would not have been able to have a real vacation this year (unless you count a trip to the Wal-Mart followed by Icees from Weigels a vacation.)

If you like not-too-crowded beaches, try Topsail Island/Surf City in North Carolina.  Eat at Batson’s Galley and Max’s Pizza.  And enjoy.


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