The Illusion of Safety

Once again tragedy has struck at a supposedly safe place in Knoxville.  You can read about it here:

15 year-old Jamar Siler has been charged with first degree murder in the killing of another 15 year-old, Ryan McDonald.  It happened this morning at around 8:11 am at Central High School after the 2 apparently got into an argument.

If you are keeping track, that makes the 2nd “safe” place where people have been shot in the city of Knoxville within the last month.  I put the word safe in quotation marks because it is evident to me and should be to you that there is no place where people are truly safe.

I believe that statement is true.  I believe that evil is prevalent.  Evil deeds, evil thoughts, evil desires.  If you do not believe this, you have not been paying attention.  Every newscast, every newspaper, every news website tell of evil deeds performed by those who allow themselves to be agents of evil.

The safety that so many people desire is only an illusion.  At any moment anyone can become a victim of evil.  It is on days like today that so many find this fact out for the first time or are reminded of this fact.

However, there is a safety that we can all have and know.  It is not safety from physical, emotional, or mental harm.  It is a better kind of safety.  It is safety from the thing that can do us the most harm–safety from the consequences of our sin.  That safety comes from trusting in Jesus Christ as your savior.

Being a Christian does not mean we will never get hurt.  It does not mean that we will never face scary circumstances or tragedy.  It does not mean that we or our children will never be scarred emotionally.  It does mean that we will always have someone to turn to when we are hurting, scared, or alone.

Those that follow Jesus are not immune to pain.  But we always have hope in the midst of it.


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