The Donkey is So-So

Sometimes my children are a source of exasperation.  But sometimes (most of the time) they are a source of great joy.

Last Sunday, as we got into our ever-shrinking Ford Expedition (shrinking because of the size of my family-not because of some sci-fi kind of thing), Bradley decided to sing to the top of his lungs a song we had sang (or is it “sung”) earlier during the morning worship service.  This is not unusual.  Any of our children, except for our 3 month old, are likely to break out into song at any time.  What is funny is when they don’t get the words quite right.

So, instead of singing “Heaven came down and glory filled my soul,” Bradly sing with all the gusto he could muster “Heave came down and the Donkey is so-so.” 

I’ve been laughing about that one ever since–and singing the messed up words as well.

Being a Dad has plenty of good moments–wouldn’t you agree?


2 thoughts on “The Donkey is So-So

  1. Yep! I’m glad he’s my grandson. He is such a joy as they all are but he is the lover of music. Praise Jesus for my B-rad.

  2. Thanks for sharing the family incident. That shared history is what helps bind families together, and no doubt “The Donkey is so-and-so” will be talked about for years to come.

    When our son Jim was young, I used to have a tank of tropical fish. And one morning, three-year-old Jim came to me and said in great concern, “Daddy, come quick! One of the fish died on to pross.” (And sure enough, one of the guppies was floating belly up.) The only death he’d heard about back then, was of Christ’s suffering on Calvary–not a bad thing, to be sure!

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