9/11 and Change

Just a few days ago, on September 11th, I heard several give exhortation to “never forget.”  I don’t believe I could if I tried.  That day 7 years ago will be forever etched in my memory.  It seems as though I walked in a fog after the tragedy and for several days thereafter. 

I also heard people talk about the change that those events wrought.  I guess that it did change many things.  It made us more aware of terrorism and of the evil thoughts of those who have no regard for life-not even their own.  We (Americans) woke up to the fact that we are not as safe as we thought.  From this event two wars sprang forth–the one in Afghanistan and the other in Iraq. 

Unfortunately, there were some changes that did not last.  Immediately after those tragic events, there was far less divisiveness.  People on the right and on the left became united as they were charged with leading during dangerous times.  There seemed to be unity in the last place you would expect–Washington, D.C. 

Also right after 9/11/01, there was a renewed interest in spritituality/religion/Christianity.  Some churches stayed open so people could pray.  Most of the churches I knew about saw more people in their worship services.  Even a local strip joint got into the act with a sign that said “30 Beautiful Ladies—God Bless America.”

Neither of those positive changes lasted, however.  It wasn’t long before the political arena became about what it is always about–power and how to get more of it.  The unity was short-lived as the right and left split from each other.  I expected that reversal.  It was the other change that I hoped would last.  Of course, it didn’t.

Of those wh flooded into churches after those days, only a small percentage remained long-term.  Prayers for our country, our leaders, and our soldiers slowly became less fervent.  The interest in becoming people who diligently seek God waned.

It is depressing to see what it takes to get people to turn to God and how quickly so many abandon the One who can bring the healing that we need.  I pray that those who follow Christ will remain committed to following after Him in good times and in bad.


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