Letting God Be God

I don’t give up easily, but have decided to do so.  I’m giving up on changing anyone.  There-I’ve said it; it’s off my chest.  Cleverly crafted arguments don’t work, a preponderance of logic doesn’t work, and relentless attacks don’t work.  Sure, there may be some short-term changes due to these types of things.  But long-term, all of it is useless.

You know what works?  Letting God be God. 

Plain, simple, and effective.  He has been changing the hearts and minds of everyone from rulers to reprobates for a few thousand years.  Why would I think that He has now for some strange reason decided to alter course and have us mere humans be responsible for this activity?  He has not done so, nor should He, nor would He.

Does discord abound in your family?  Let God be God.  Is someone you love travelling down a wrong path?  Let God be God.  Is there turmoil in your life?  Let God be God.

I understand that we have a role to play in all of this.  We must do those things that God has told us and shown us to do (pray, meditate upon His Words, show the love of Christ, etc.), but we can not change anyone.  That is God’s realm.  Let Him rule it.

Doing this will free you to simply be obedient to Him without harboring feelings of guilt because you haven’t been able to change those you hold so dear.  It’s a great weight to remove from your shoulders.


4 thoughts on “Letting God Be God

  1. wow, that’s really good. I’m starting to realize that myself as well, and it’s a hard lesson to learn because all we ever want to do is do it ourselves, right? But that’s when we mess up the most- as examples both in the Bible and in history can clearly testify to.

    “Let God be God.” -I like that. Very simple, very direct- very true.

  2. Oh, by the way, if you want to check it out, I have a blog that I started recently in which I’m just posting studies from the Bible and that sort of stuff. I’m at “senshiofthesun.wordpress.com” if you want to check it out. Feel free to look around, comment, or pass it on! My goal is get the Word of God out to as many people as possible, just studying the Bible straight up and seeing what Scripture says about things. 🙂

  3. I agree with you, Bro. Although we should have a proactive and optimistic view, there are only a few things that we do that will succeed.

    Ultimately, it’s his Spirit that will lead.

    All we can do is plant the seed. God will handle the rest.

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