The Vols Beat Themselves–Again

I have a great dislike for losing.  Whether I’m playing a board game or basketball, I want to win.  However, I understand that losing is part of life.  The way in which I lose makes a big difference in how aggravated I am.  This always goes for the teams that I root for.

The way my beloved Tennessee Volunteers are losing right now is as ridiculous as it is aggravating.

Costly mistakes, ineffectiveness, and not capitalizing on good field position are causing the Vols to lose games.  More than that, they are causing their fans to lose hope and confidence that things can get better.

Hope is the thing that keeps people coming back even when losses occur.  I can still have some level of excitement after a loss if we played well and it looks as though we may be able to improve.  Right now, that hope is gone.

I will be a Vol fan regardless of what happens the rest of the season.  But it would be nice to have a little hope, as well.


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