I am convinced that the only thing that is keeping many men from committing adultery is the lack of opportunity. 

I have no statistics to back this idea up.  I haven’t seen any big university studies about this.  I only have observations. 

There is an enormous amount of pornography available.  Anyone with a desire for such trash can find it, even without leaving the comfort of their homes.  With all that is available, there has to be plenty of folks who view it.  Many of these are married men, some are Christian men.  With all of the lusting (which is considered adultery by Jesus) that is going on in the hearts and minds of many, is it a stretch to believe that many men are just one step away from partaking in the ultimate betrayal?

I don’t think so.

I have two main thoughts in regard to this. 

1.  Don’t be so arrogant to think that you are immune to moral failures.  It can happen to anyone in any marriage. 

2.  Don’t throw people who have failed in this way into the trash bin.  God still loves them and can redeem them. 

Just a few thoughts.

God Bless.


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