Being Prepared for a Church Service

As a pastor, whenever I go to church I have to be prepared.  By this I mean that I should have been praying about the service, I should have been communing with God on a daily basis, I should have prepared a sermon—I should be ready in mind and in spirit to lead the church in seeking God.

That is what a church expects her pastor to do.  If I stepped behind the pulpit without having done these things, it would probably be apparent.  And the consequences would be pretty negative.  Not only would people cease to listen, they would probably grow discontent with me as their pastor.  Of course, things would go downhill from there.

It gives me some aggravation, though, to realize that some of the people who expect their pastor to be prepared for the church service have not prepared themselves.  There are some who sit in a pew each church service who never pray for their pastor, the musicians, the singers, etc.  There are some who haven’t asked God to reveal anything to them in the previous week nor have they asked God to reveal anything to them through the preaching and sining.  There are some who view the church service as merely something to get through rather than as an opportunity to seek God.

I don’t mean to sound negative.  If you get that vibe, I apologize.  The main point of this post is to get you to ask these questions of yourself:  Am I preparing my heart to receive what God wants to give me during the next church service?  Have I spent time praying for the pastor and the others involved in the service?  Am I going to the service to really seek God and worship Him or am I going merely out of routine? 

More and more followers of Jesus need to be asking themselves these questions and many others similar to these.  Then maybe we would have more services where people are really changed.


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