Belt It Out

Our church had its annual Fall Festival today.  We had to scale it back some and move it inside, but it was still a refreshing time of fellowship.  Many thanks to John, Tammie, Bill, Carol, Ron, Pat, and all the others that made it possible.

The highlight for me was the singing of the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church choir.  Macedonia is a predominantly African-American congregation from Newport, TN.  Their choir consisted of 5 women (including the pianist/director) and 2 men.  But you would have thought a 40 person choir was there.  Their singing was from the heart and it brought great joy to me and all the others in attendance.

As they were singing, I thought about the difference between their choir and most of the ones that I have been around.  The main difference that I could come up with is that they sang with complete disregard for what anyone else thought about them.  That is, they sang without any inhibitions.

I don’t think that they love the Lord any more or any less than the people in other choirs.  I don’t think they are any more or less enthusiastic about their faith.  I think that they are not afraid to “let it all hang out” and pour every ounce of energy they have into the songs that they are singing.

I pray that more of us who love God will learn to lose our inhibitions and sing praises to God with everything that we have because He is worthy of it all.

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