The thing about looking for employment that stinks the most is the rejection.  I have sent out countless resumes and been on a few interviews.  I have been hopeful and pessimistic, up and down.  And I have been rejected–again and again.

Rejection happens to everyone at some point.  From the kid who gets picked last in dodgeball, to the girl whose love is rejected, to the presidential candidate who is defeated–rejection is common.  It is also common to become discouraged because of it.

There is a voice in my head that whispers the word “failure” every time I get rejected.  Well, sometimes it whispers and sometimes it shouts; either way, I hear it.  Most of the time I tune it out, shrug my shoulders, and keep on keeping on.

Some days, though, I allow the voice to get to me.  Today was one of those days. 

I really wasn’t expecting to feel that way.  I’ve found out that my discouraged moments come upon me with the swiftness of a striking viper; except it poisons my soul instead of my body.  Which is worse, by the way.

It’s during these times that I am reminded that God is sovereign.  Absolute control belongs to Him.  This idea is not always popular, but that does not mean it is false.  Sometimes the most true ideas are the most difficult to accept. 

Another good thought during times like these is that, while I may be rejected by company after compnay, I am not rejected by God.  God accepts me into His family with relentless love. 

So, I will continue sending resumes and going on interviews and will probably be rejected a few more times.  When that happens and the voice begins to speak, I pray that I will rest ever more securely in the fact that I am His and that is really all that matters.


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