The Vatican Forgives John Lennon

Here is a link to a report that the Vatican’s newspaper has forgiven John Lennon for his remark from years ago that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ.– 

I will try not to be too harsh with these next few comments.  Please forgive me if you think otherwise. 

To me, it is  arrogant for any human beings to think that it is their responsibility to forgive a person who made a statement that was derogatory to Jesus.  If his remark had been aimed at the Vatican, then they could have forgiven him.  However, John Lennon did not harm the Vatican nor did he harm any other Christians.  His words were aimed to draw attention to himself and his group.  Those believers who flew into a rage about it merely played into his hands.  More attention was given to him because of the protests.

From the Bible we see that when Jesus was persecuted, maligned, and mocked he took it without trying to defend Himself.  Now, when Jesus or His followers are persecuted, maligned, and mocked–so many get angry, protest, and fight back.

Do you see the difference?

When we are spoken against, we should do good.  When we are persecuted, we should do good.  When we are ignored, we should do good. 

When we fight back, we are not being like Jesus.  When we fight back, we are taking our focus off of Jesus and placing it upon our own hurt feelings.  When we fight back, we are wasting our time.

Once again my favorite verse comes to mind–“Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”–Romans 12:21.

When we become angry and fight back over offenses we are allowing evil to overcome us.  When we react as Jesus did with good works, we overcome evil with good. 

Lord, help us react like Christ.


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