Thank You (Whoever You Are)

As I read the Bible, I find that I should trust God completely and not be surprised by the way that He chooses to bless me.  Those that love the Savior are instructed to believe that He knows our needs and desires to meet our needs.  I’ve heard sermons about this, preached sermons about this, and claim to believe this with all my heart. 

But when it happens I am shocked.  Completely, utterly, whole-heartedly shocked.  The shock that I feel during this time quickly gives way to awe and then to gratitude as I realize again how great God is and how much love He has for those in His family.

The thing that shocked me this time came in the form of a gift from an anonymous giver.  Of course, I thank God for this gift, but I would also thank the person or persons who gave so generously. 

I don’t know who you are, but you do.  You have blessed me and my family with your kindness and I pray that God greatly blesses you for being such a blessing to us. 

Thank you–whoever you are.


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