My Best Day

I will never reach the absolute best day of my life. 

Please don’t think of me as being depressed, for this is by no means a depressing thought.  I know it kind of sounds like one, but I promise that it isn’t.  Give me a few moments of your time to explain.

The day I was born was not my best day ever.  It was a good day, I suppose.  Without it, I couldn’t have had any other days.

The day that I accepted Jesus as my Savior was of course an awesome day.  However, every day since then has been one more day that I have been walking with my Lord and one more day on my journey to Heaven.  In that respect, every day after that day has been better than the one before it.

The day I married Kristy was a great day.  So were the days when our children came to us (4 by foster parenting/adoption, one by birth).  But, again I have enjoyed the days after those days as well.

The day that I die and enter into Heaven will be my best day ever then, right?


Every day after that will be better than the next because it will mean that I have spent one more day at home with my Savior. 

Do you understand?

I am learning to see every day I live as the best day of my life because I am one day closer to Heaven. 

Every day after I die will be better than the last one because it means that I will have been in Heaven that much longer.  Since I will be there enjoying God’s goodness forever I will never reach my best day.

I’ll never reach the best day of my life.  What a joyous thought, don’t you think?


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