The Day Before The Night Before Christmas

I need your help. 

Put your “thinking cap” on and help settle a long-standing dispute between me and my ugly brother. 

As children, we fought like all brothers do.  But this disagreement has gone on long enough.  Here’s the question that has plagued us for years:  When is the day before the night before Christmas?

My ugly brother says that it is today, December 23rd, the day before Christmas Eve.

I say that it is tomorrow, during the day on Christmas Eve.  My thinking is that the night before Christmas is Christmas Eve night and the day before that night would be Christmas Eve day.

Please help us bring closure to this disagreement.  Share your thoughts (especially if you agree with me).

And, if I don’t have opportunity to write this later, have a Merry Christmas.  Celebrate the Birth of Jesus.  Do something nice for a complete stranger.  Take a deep breath and enjoy the moments.

God Bless.


29 thoughts on “The Day Before The Night Before Christmas

  1. Unbelievable! Today our family was arguing for an hour over the same thing.

    Here’s our take: Let’s say its referring to the 24th… then you’d refer to the 23rd as “the day before the day before the night before Christmas.” That’s absurd.

    The distinguishing word is before vs of.

    The day before the night before Christmas = 23rd.
    The day of the night before Christmas = 24th.

    • I can’t believe it. You actually agree with my brother. I just can’t. The way I see it, each date is made up of 2 parts—a day and a night. The day before the night would be the on the same date. They would be two parts of the same day.
      Oh well. Maybe I’ll find someone who agrees with me if I ask around enough.

    • I have to disagree with this comment. You would not call the 24th “the day before the day before the night before Christmas” because that IS absurd. You would say the day before Christmas Eve.

      If you listen to the song, it is much funnier if you think of it as the 24th, plus it says that it is no good being good for a day.

      Truly, though, this is an argument not worth settling. We argue it out with good nature every year. My sister calls me on the 23rd to tell me it is the day, I call her back on the 24th to tell her the same. We laugh and get the the whole family involved, including in-laws!

  2. Many of years (decades) ago our parents bought us a record of silly Christmas songs called “Santa Claus is coming to town.” On this record is a song entitled, “The Day Before the Night Before Christmas.” This song has sent our family into decades of discussion of when is the day before the night before Christmas. In this song, it clearly lists the things one would do during the day as one prepares for Christmas Even night. My sister and I agree that the day precedes the night before Christmas because the day is in 2 parts. We agree with you Preacher Matt. On the other hand, my brother and other sister feel the day before the night before Christmas is on December 23rd. We consider them “the special children” in our family since their reasoning makes no sense. So in all the question my never be answered, but I am so glad to know we are not the only family having this discussion.

    • Our family had that same record (now available online) and the same arguments…to this day! Like the responder above, part of the fun is the ongoing argument of it. I texted all my family to remind them today, Dec. 23, is NOT the day before the night before Christmas. So obviously Matt and I are right.

  3. Christine, I have the same record (now cd) and immediately thought of that song when I read this. However, I disagree with you and Matt and think that “the day before the night before Christmas” refers to Dec. 23. Sorry! 🙂

    • (Sigh)–I thought you had more sense than that–ha, ha. Well, maybe next year, with a little more time to think, you will come around. Hope you are doing well, Ashley. God Bless.

  4. Holiday greetings! I thought we were the only people on earth that had listened to that record! It’s an annual staple in our family, as is the debate over which day is the day before the night before X-mas.

    My position is that the meaning is clear if you listen to the words. One line says “It’s no good being good for a day.” This clearly indicates we’re talking about the 24th. If it was the 23rd, there would be two days.

    • So glad there are others who agree with me about it being the 24th! Now if we could just convince the others, but that is probably not going to happen. My brother has been misguided and wrong-headed about this for years.

  5. I was just sent this by my sister… apparently the discussion continues..
    I am partial to the Day before the night before Christmas being the 23rd.

    Maybe we can find the author of the song and ask him/her?

  6. My family and I have been discussing this for as long as I can remember.
    In my opinon it is the 24th.
    In the song it says “No good being good for a day” there would be two days to be good if it was the 23rd.

  7. My mother and I have had this debate for as long as I can remember. I agree it is the Day (morning through evening of the 24th) before the night (after 6pm of the 24th. The 23rd would be the day before the night before te day before the night before Christmas! I say it is the 24th

    Good luck and Merry Christmas!


  8. It’s amazing to me to see that other people know this album! I too have it on CD now, as do my brother and sisters. My oldest sister and I know that the day of Christmas Eve is clearly “the day before the night before Chritsmas,” as the song clearly states “a day’s not long enough, it’ll take years!” (Not “two days isn’t long enough…”). If I could just convince my brother to see reason.

    • I’m in the same boat as you. My brother just won’t come around–or he knows that he is wrong and just likes the argument.

  9. Half you guys are crazy. It has been and always will be the 23rd. I have no valid reasoning. My kids think their reasoning for the 24th is great, but it was the 23rd when I was a kid listening to the album, and it still is! The good thing about the debate is that it gives us two days to sing the song.

  10. Today is the 24th, and it is bright and sunny here in Florida. Definately a nice day. Tonight is the night before Christmas. Thus, with a differential of day and night, today is definately a day before the night before Christmas, and therefore “The day before the night before Christmas.” I was asked about this last night for the first time in 51 years by my sister-in-law. After reading this discussion both conclusions could be right, but I stand by my conclusion and will probably have this conversation every year in the future like the rest of you. Thank you for bringing this up and posting it. Has anybody had the discussion, “What is the horse’s name in “Jingle Bells””?

  11. Love this song grew up with the album. I believe it refers to the day of the 24th. My favorite song on the album I grew up with is I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. I recently found a CD with some of the same songs and that childhood album and enjoy now with my Grandchildren. Have a Great Christmas.

  12. I have this song on an OLD record that my grandmother used to have. After she passed the only thing I wanted from her house was this record and 1 other Christmas record. A few years ago, I had the records copied on to CD and you can still hear all the skips & pops of the old record it warms my heart every year to hear them too. My daughter and I have discussed this topic many times and we both feel it is December 24.

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