Christmas Recap

I remembered that I had not yet blogged about the Cannon Christmas.  So here goes…

I had one of the best Christmases in recent memory this year.  It had nothing to do with gifts.  This year I really tried to listen. 

I listened to the songs as they proclaimed the greatness of my Savior and the astonishing way he entered our world.  I listened to the laughter of children, both mine and others, as they anxiously awaited Christmas day.  I listened to the Christmas play at church as it depicted a family learning about God’s love in a miraculous way. 

I listened as God spoke to my heart in a clear, clarifying way.

All of this listening helped this Christmas to be a calm one; one that was focused on the King and his entrance in the world.   

We had plenty of places to go and plenty of presents to open.  In the past, this has caused me some stress and anxiety.  This year, though, the time spent traveling and visiting was exhilirating. 

I shouldn’t be amazed by this.  It’s pretty clear from the Bible and from my own experience that there is great joy in focusing on the right thing.  But every time it happens, I am amazed.

I hope to be amazed more oten in the coming year.


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