I’m Thankful for Tim Tebow

First–I’m a Tennessee Vol fan.  Have been from birth–will be until death.

Second–this means that I must despise Florida.  If you are from the South you will understand this.  Nothing against them personally, of course. 

Third (and most important)–I love Jesus.  No one is above Him–no one is even close.  He is everything to me.

Finally–I’m thankful for Tim Tebow.  Even though he has terrorized my beloved Vols for three years (and possibly one more) I must say that there is no athlete that I appreciate more. 

In case you haven’t noticed, he loves Jesus.  He speaks the name of Jesus unashamedly.  He spends time in the off-season spreading the love of Christ in this country and several others.  He puts Scripture on the little black tape underneath his eyes. 

Tim Tebow is not perfect, but he loves the One who is.  I’m thankful for that–I’m thankful for him. 

Most of all, I’m thankful that Jesus loves me, Tim, and all of you the same.  He lived for all of us–He died for all of us–He wants to have a relationship with all of us.

How great is that?


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