First, an Admission

Yeah, I know.  I haven’t really kept up with my blogging very well.    So, here are a few quick hits (with apologies to 2 guys named Larry).

When a man all of a sudden decides to leave his wife, he is committing murder.  That “one” that was formed in marriage is dead and he is to blame. 

It’s ironic when people complain about people who complain.  Think about it.  This also goes for gossiping about people who gossip or being ungracious to people who are ungracious.

March Madness has to be the best time of year for any true sports fan. 

I went to the Bristol Race this past weekend.  According to this sampling of people, 85% of the world’s population drink beer; 50% have mullets.

The other day, I looked out the window and saw our youngest boy pull down his pants and poop in my Mother-in-law’s front yard.  Lord, help me.

My nominee for the funniest word to write:  poop.

Our March Gladness services have been awesome.  The last one is this  Monday (March 30th) at 7pm.  Dr. Hollie Miller will be preaching.  You should come.  Really.

I like it when people smile.  Even if they have teeth like mine.

I’m disappointed that both of Tennessee’s basketball teams lost in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.  I’m even more disappointed that more people care about that than they do about all of the children who are aborted, all of the people who go to bed hungry, and all of the people who have not yet begun their relationship with Jesus.

To quote Carl Williams, “Be good to yourself…and each other.”


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