Words from the Cross

Everyone is invited to “Words from the Cross” — a special Good Friday service at Stoney Point Baptist Church.  There will be seven ministers preaching on the seven sayings of Jesus as He was crucified.  The ministers are:  Tim Tatum from Thorngrove Baptist Church, Matt Giles from Lyons Creek Baptist Church, Mike Vincent from Riverdale Baptist Church, Matthew Cooke from Ebenezer Baptist Church, Ronnie White from First Baptist Church of Straw Plains, Larry Young from Holston Baptist Church, and little ‘ole me.

It starts at 7pm.  Don’t worry, it will not last as long as you might think.  Feel free to come as you are and bring some friends along as we worship the Savior together.


2 thoughts on “Words from the Cross

  1. My comment is that I believe God has His hand on you! Keep seeking Him. I love you and I am committed to pray for you.

    • Thank you, John. I am praying for God’s hand to be upon me, you, the rest of Stoney Point Baptist Church, and all those that claim the precious of Jesus. He is leading–we must follow. Love you too, brother.

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