It Can Be Messy

Christianity is more than just theory.  It is more than just propositions about truth and what is the best way to do things.  If this is all it was, it would not really help us in the real world.  And it would be a whole lot less messy.

Take the whole “fogiveness” thing.  In theory, it sounds good.  We have been forgiven much, so we should forgive much.  No matter what others do to us or how often it is done–we forgive.  Just like that.

Then you get hurt deeply.  Or your spouse gets hurt deeply.  Or your children get hurt deeply.  Or a bunch of people that you love get hurt deeply all at the same time.  It’s not just a little bit of hurting that is going on–it’s a lot. 

Other people get angry at the offender and use Scripture to support why they feel the way that they do.  And they want you to be angry with them.  If you are not angry with them, they become angry with you.

You know that you need to forgive, but to some people forgiving the offender makes you somewhat equal to the offender even though you are merely acting in the same manner that Christ acted toward you.

In fact, you know that forgiving the offender is the right thing to do.  More than that, you know that the offender has been ostracized and rejected by so many others who claim to follow Jesus even though Jesus would not have done the same.

It can be messy following Christ.  We were never promised anything different, really. 

Only that we would never walk alone.

(I am not dealing with any of this type of thing right now.  But I have been pondering it as I have seen it happen far too frequently.  Christians not following the example of Christ.  It gets tiresome, doesn’t it?)


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