Ramblings of Praise

When I am weak the adversary strikes with vengeance, but the hand of the Lord keeps my soul from danger.

His strength is greater than the weaknesses of man.  He ever stands as guardian of the righteous;

For the righteous do know that apart from Him they have only deeds deserving of death.

Because they trust in the righteousness of the Eternal King, He will do good to them for the sake of His name.

Let those who trust in weapons see the folly of their ways; let those who are enamored with empty words spoken by lying lips gain understanding.

The ways of the wicked are continually before the eyes of man; vile actions of the unrighteous are viewed day and night.

Counsel is given by those who lack understanding, by those who do not fear the Mighty One.

Only those who trust in the Lord will be forever satisfied; only those who are satisfied in the Lord shall be able to stand firm in days of distress.

Open our eyes, O Lord; let us not be led astray from your truth by the multitudes.

You alone are sovereign; you alone deserve all glory.  Let all creation exalt your name, let us praise your greatness forever.


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