Fishbowl Living

Living in a fishbowl means having no privacy.  None.  Zilch.  Nada.  Every discussion dissected, every movement noticed, every heartache shared with whoever is watching at the time. 

Being under a microscope means having your emotions laid bare for all to see.  People with no business knowing your business passing judgement upon you just because they can. 

Living in a glass house means that what could have stayed hidden from view is bathed in light and everyone can see all the dirt and debris. 

Many people say that they don’t want to live in a fishbowl, to be under a microscope, to live in a glass house.

Some of them are lying.

Some of them say they want privacy, yet put intimate details of their lives on blogs.  Some of them say they want to be left alone, yet where they are going, what they are doing, and how they feel gets spread all over Facebook or Myspace or Twitter.

Some say that they want anonymity, yet they allow their lives to be filmed and displayed on national television. 

A little bit of attention is fine.  A little bit of notoriety.  A little bit of fame. 

Until it gets out of hand.  Until the dirt gets messier and the debris gets more personal.

When we live in a fishbowl  most of the time it is our own choice.  The consequences are sometimes good. 

But sometimes it comes crashing down.

I do not follow Jon & Kate Plus Eight, the reality show about the family of Jon and Kate Gosselin.  I have seen it in passing a few times.  But I know what is going on with their lives.

Because fishbowl living has caused them problems.

However, even though we know a lot about them, we don’t know everything.

We don’t know what they think about right before they drift off to sleep.  We don’t know what they’ve been praying for or if they’ve been praying at all.  We don’t know their deepest, darkest emotions.  We don’t truly know all of their thoughts.

You see, even when we are in a fishbowl or under a microscope or in a glass house, there are still things that we keep hidden; things that are stuffed deep down. 

No one sees these things.

Except God.

The Creator knows His creation.  The ups and downs are known in detail by the Master before they ever occur. 

Our thoughts are known before we think them.  Our words are heard before they are spoken. 

The Sovereign One knows why you are the way the you are.  The scars left on your psyche are not foreign to Him; He was there when the wounds were being made.

He was also there when your actions caused the wounds of another.  He knows how you have hurt those closest to you.

Our lives are not merely being lived in a fishbowl that He can peer into; He has intimate knowledge of every detail. 

Even the details that we have forgotten or repressed are fresh in His memory.

And He loves us anyway.

Passionately, deeply, amazingly.

Like a cool breeze flowing by us on a scorching, summer day.

His love can bring great peace into our lives if we have a relationship with Him through Christ.

We can sit back and relax.

We can rest easy with the knowledge that the scars we inflicted on others are forgiven by the scars inflicted upon Jesus.

We can rest comfortably in the arms of the Savior knowing that the One who knows us best loves us the most.

We can have peace because of the Prince of Peace. 

With God, with ourselves, with everyone.

Lay back upon the green pastures and look over at the still waters and be glad.


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