Ramblings of Praise, Part 2

After temporary pleasure, disobedience produced in my soul such despair that I longed to be cut off from all that I hold dear.

Unworthy and ashamed, I found no hiding place from the fierceness of your wrath.

Cowering in a corner,  your light shown into my darkness; my sins were revealed to be so putrid that I feared that I would be suffocated by the stench.

The voices of those who should know better declare that there is good hidden within me; that if I look closely enough I will discover a champion.

Oh, how wrong they are! 

There is nothing good within my flesh; there is nothing worthy of your blinding Holiness.

I was altogether undone.  Hopeless, weary, alone.

Then you called me.  You spoke my name.  From the depths of the grave I heard your voice.  Only by your power did I hear it.  Only because you declared me as one of your own.

Undeserving of your love, yet grateful.  Unable to repay your kindness, yet joyful.  Unable to give to you what you gave to me, yet accepting of your free gift.

Now I walk as one who once was dead, yet made alive.  Free from the past, made alive by your grace.

Even now, though, I falter: even now I wander.

Thankfully, mercifully, sweetly your grace continues to sustain me; your love is still my great joy.

Lord, let me still praise you.  Master, allow me to worship you.  King, let me serve your great name.

By your love, I am yours.


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