Ramblings of Praise, Part 4

As I rose this morning and peered out at the world, I knew again of Your greatness.

Fog, dew, creatures all bathed in the light of the early morning sang praises in my soul to Your great name.

With the morning came busyness and distractions,

Yet You created in me a heart meant to praise; so I gave glory to You in the midst of chaos.

Your attributes, Your character, Your complete otherness astounds me;

The miracle of Your love for those so unworthy takes my mind into captivity.

Compared to Your grandeur, O God, I am less than a worm, more putrid than a maggot, below the level of uselessness.

But You have chosen to lift me up;

You have chosen to redeem;

You have chosen to sanctify.

Having no speck of goodness in my flesh, You chose to gift me with the righteousness of Your Son.

It is in Christ alone that I am able to stand before You;

It is in trusting the sacrifice that He gave.

Though I was once counted among the heathen, I am now counted as Your child. 

Though I was once doomed for destruction, I am now walking in the Spirit.

Though I was born in iniquity, I have been born again to live in Your presence.

O my God, may the splendor that I see in Your creation be apparent in my life;

May Your brightness that is displayed in the heavens be reflected in my countenance;

May I ever be found bringing glory to Your name.

Though the years pass and my body grows weary, may I be found praising God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit,




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