Ramblings of Praise, Part 5

How long must this struggle continue?  How long must I wait for the culmination of the victory?

Though I am a new creation, still the urge to depart from Your truth is present; the desire to lean on my own understanding persists.

Day after day I am reminded of Your greatness; night after night all that I see declares that You are exalted above the nations.

Groans rise up from my soul; despairing groans as one who longs for an unatainable goal.

The holiness of my God is piercing; the righteousness of the Holy One removes my ability to hide.

The war in my members grows in intensity; becoming greater than those who surround me comprehend. 

Staggered by the blows that I deal to myself, I do not dare surrender. 

Wearied by the constant combat; weakened from fending off unseen foes; weeping inwardly for the end to be near.

Surely You have heard my plea, O God!  Surely You care for my life!

Why must there be a delay?  Why must I keep going?

You love me, yet offer no answers; You have known the end from the beginning, but refuse to let me see.

The command to trust the One who I can not see through trials that seem to have no end is placed before me. 

Pleading for strength, I continue on; praying for persistence, I brace for the fight.

Help me trust You, O God, so that my life may bring You glory as the war inside of me continues to rage.

Let me remain near to You so that I may gain wisdom at Your feet.

Keep me in Your path all of my days so that all may see that Your grace is enough for even the weakest of them all.


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