Ramblings of Praise, Part 6

Arrogance is nearby, threatening to overtake me, knowing that at any moment I will fall.

Pride is ready to overwhelm me; ready to infiltrate my psyche by overpowering my weakened defenses.

Though constantly questioning myself and finding fault with my ways, still there is within me an air of invincibility; there is within my heart a deceitfulness that declares that I deserve more that what I have.

All of mankind is plagued by a sense of entitlement, by selfishness, by a desire to be acknowledged as vastly important.

The esteem of peers is clamored after; the apiration to be admired is prevalent.

Feeling insignificant, we yearn to be noticed.  Lusting after fame, yet feeling so small.

God, make me remember.  My Lord, shall I never forget.

While there have been achievements, it was only by your good pleasure. 

While others may have praised me, it was only because of your empowerment.

If the Almighty had not strengthened me, if the lover of my soul had not chosen me, if my Savior had not rescued me….

I would be what I was and what I deserve to be.

Nothing.  Useless.  Lifeless.  Utterly without hope.

If there is anything good in me, You placed it there. 

If there is anything good that has come from me, You drew it out. 

If there is anything I have done that has been praised, it is You who deserves the honor.

My transgressions caused my vitality to vanish, but You brought me back to life.

You have set my feet on ground that is forever solid; You have provided me purpose that was previously beyond my grasp.

Let me, O God, forever be humble. 

Let me forever be grateful. 

Let me forever bring praise to the One who is eternally deserving.


The Messiah.

My King.


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