This and That

Well, I haven’t shared any current information about myself lately.  You know–what’s going on, what I’m up to, how’s it going kind of stuff.  So here goes.

1.  The tremendous blessings of God are staggering.  A few weeks ago, my two oldest children accepted the free gift of salvation.  It was so awesome talking with them about the most important decision that they will ever make.  I was privileged with the opportunity to baptize them (along with 3 others) this past Sunday.  Wow–an incredible feeling.

2.  I love my wife and children more and more with each passing day.  Having a large family is not always easy, but God’s grace is more than sufficient to get us through any aggravations that may come along. 

3.  The church that I have been given the gift of pastoring—Stoney Point Baptist Church–is being touched by the mighty and loving hand of God.  New people each week–many of them staying with us to grow in faith together.  Can’t wait to see what He will do with us next.

4.  I have really been touched by being able to use this blog, Facebook, and other outlets to send my writing out in hopes that it will be a blessing to others.  I don’t know if it helps anyone else or not, but it surely is a fantastic way of getting my thoughts in line. 

5.  As many of you know, a little over a year ago I was fired from my regular, full-time job.  It was a frightening time for me.  I applied for every position that I was even remotely qualified for…to no avail.  Eventually, the church decided to increase my pay some (I was initially a bi-vocational pastor).  While it is not completely what would be called “full-time” pay, it has certainly helped and I am grateful for it. 

6.  While finances have been tight, we have been blessed by God over and over again.  At times when we were really struggling, God would provide exactly what was needed.  Things are tight again with Christmas coming up, but I am confident that God will give to us exactly what is required.  He asks that we trust Him and then gives us the ability to do so.  What a mighty God we serve!

7.  We have been blessed with the ability to rent a bigger house.  We prayed and hoped for this and it happened!  Also, my wife has gotten into goats and chickens.  Amazingly, it doesn’t cost much to acquire a small brood and we are getting ready to begin making a little money off of them.  I am excited.

Overall, the good is so good that it far outweighs the bad.  God has continued to be faithful to me and my family.  He has provided and we are trusting Him to continue doing so as we lay down our lives in service to Him.


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