Ramblings of Praise, Part 7

Today I was supposed to do better, be more focused, be more like Christ.

Today victory seemed closer than defeat.

Today could have and should have been a day of overcoming past obstacles and stepping more deeply into You.

But I failed.

Today was just like past days where what I hoped for never came to pass.

Today I walked down the same worn path as before, foolishly thinking that the path would lead to a different destination.

Today I neglected to follow through on plans to draw nigh to You early, to hear from You clearly, to seek wisdom that could have kept me from wandering.

Now I ask You again, just like I have before…

Forgive me–for my sins are many, my heart is broken, and my desire is to be like Christ.

Cleanse me–for the stain is deep, the burden is heavy, and my soul is frail.

Teach me–so that I may learn, grow, and encourage others who are on the same journey.

The richness of Your grace is astounding.  The reach of Your hand is unfathomable.  The righteousness You clothe me in is undeserved.

Today I have gone from from the valley of despair because of my sin to the mountain of forgiveness because of Your grace.

From weakness to strength and from sorrow to joy.

It has been a good day.


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