Ramblings of Praise, Part 8

When the summer sun scorches the grass and causes me to feel weary, I will praise You.

When the cold winds pierce me deeply on a winter night, I will praise You.

Though rains fall and clouds darken; though others may become complacent with the changing of seasons, I will praise You.

You, my God, who created and sustains all that is with might that exceeds all others;

You, my King, who plans and prepares before there is ever a problem;

You, my Lord, who delivers hurting souls from danger;

You shall be exalted among the people.

If left to my emotions, I would falter.  If called upon to remain strong with my own power, I would fail.

The Lover of my soul enables me; He keeps me in the path of righteousness.

My God, never leave me. 

My God, never draw away from me.

My God, keep me by Your power.

You enable those who love you to do what you require; You are just in all of your ways.

Abide with me, mighty God. 

May I ever bring praise to Your great name.

Though I fail you, Your love remains.

Though I falter, Your grace remains.

Though I am weak, You make me strong.

Your presence is what I desire.

Lord, fill me.


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