Existence Needs No Affirmation

How much of a nerd am I?  I found out recently that the #1 song on the day that I was born was the Star Wars Theme Song.  Yep–I am a nerd from birth.

Being a nerd is not something that I push back against; it is something that I embrace.  I am what I am and there is really no use in fighting it.  I have been this way for a long time and will presumably be this way until I breathe my last breath. 

As a nerdy child, I often wondered what it would be like to have various and sundry super powers.  Super strength.  The ability to fly.  Time control.  The ability to make asparagus taste like ice cream.

There is one power, though, that I don’t think I could handle because I believe that it would cause most people to misuse it and become more corrupt than we already are and that is the power of invisibility.

Using most of the other common super powers would mean that other people would realize that you possess a particular super power.  If I, being what my wife calls freakishly big, started flying around I believe people would notice.  “What is that in the sky; a flying bus?   Oh–it’s just Matt.”  And if someone started flaunting their super strength by picking up houses or super speed by outrunning Jimmie Johnson to win a NASCAR race, there would be plenty of attention.

However, if someone had the power to become invisible, they could use it without anyone noticing.  If people could do things without anyone seeing them I believe that their behavior would quickly deteriorate into very dark places. 

What would you do if you knew that you could not get caught?  Would you rob a bank, hurt someone who has hurt you, or something much worse?  Being able to do anything that enters the imagination without fear of consequence would drive some people far over the line of decency into the abyss of evil.

I would not want the power of invisibility nor do I want anyone else to have such power.  We are far too susceptible for corruption to be granted such power.

While we may not want to become invisible, there are times when we have been made to feel invisible.  Being shunned and made to feel as though we do not exist is hurtful to us, but it has happened to most of us.

Whether we deserve this treatment or not, it is still bothersome.  We can try to be as kind and considerate as possible and still manage to offend other people in one way or another.  Some people that we offend do the right thing by showing us grace and forgiveness, but others choose to hold a grudge.

They choose to act like we do not exist by not talking to us or even looking in our direction. 

When others fail to acknowledge our existence, we still exist.  We do not need any affirmation from others to really be visible.  If everyone else in the world decided tomorrow that I do no exist, I would still exist. 

The same is true for God.

There are some who doubt His existence and others who behave as though He does not exist.  Many claim boldly through words and deeds that there is no God.  Declaring that God is a figment of our imagination based upon our need for security, some equate the stories of the Bible to fairy tales. 

They fail to realize that declaring that God does not exist does not make Him go away.  He does not need the affirmation of His creation to truly be God.  If everyone of us decided tomorrow that God is not real, He would keep being God throughout all of eternity.

Though others may not acknowledge our existence, we still exist.  Though multitudes argue that there is no God, He still exists. 

There is a higher authority in this universe than man.  God is that authority.  He deserves all praise, honor, and glory.  But if He does not get it, He will still be God.


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