Holding a Toddler

It’s hard to preach while carrying a 2-year-old.  I found this out yesterday.

Like a prisoner waiting for the right moment, my youngest daughter noticed her mommy was momentarily distracted  and sprung into action.  After seeing her move I am think about starting a toddler racing league.  Maybe call it The Toddler Track or Run-Then-Fall Racing.  I’m pretty sure ESPNBABY would pick it up.

Noticing her approach, I scooped her up and kept going.  Trying to give her back to Kristy at that point would have been disastrous.  Being really two means being really temperamental.  Plus, I know who how her mother is.  Trust me, it wouldn’t have been pretty.

Everything was going fine until she started mimicking me during the prayer and then she started slapping my face.  I set her down after this and she decided to put on a show, jumping around and doing ballet twirls.  She became a Thanksgiving Turkey.

In retrospect, giving her back to Kristy at the beginning would have probably caused less disruption.  I also decided never to carry her while preaching again.  There are a few other things that I’ll never do again while holding her.  Take notes–this may come in handy.

1.  Pee.  This wasn’t too difficult when she was younger, but now that she squirms around and tries to see what’s going on the degree of difficulty has increased.  While this might get me higher scores from the Russian judge, my wife isn’t Russian and she’s not keen on me adding to the mess our kids make in the bathroom.

2.  Play Catch.  I did this yesterday, too.  My boys wanted me to throw the baseball around with them, but my little turkey wanted me to hold her.  I did both.  There were a couple of near catastrophes, but I managed to keep her face bruise-free. 

3.  Shave.  Again, this was easier when she was smaller and less apt to cause near decapitation by sudden spastic head gyrations.  I like my neck that way that it is; no more scars necessary.

4.  Fry Bacon.  Don’t call DCS, I’ve never tried this.  In fact, I’ve never fried bacon before at all.  It’s mostly because of my fear of fire.  I understand that normal people don’t start fires while frying bacon.  I also understand that I’m not normal.  If I fry bacon, there will be fire.

5.  Not Cherish It.  Sometimes I fail to realize how special this time in her life truly is.  She’s only this age for a short while.  Before I realize it she will be grown and I won’t be able to hold her at all.  The best time to appreciate something is before it goes away, not after.  This should cause me to hold on a little tighter and a lot longer when she throws her little arms around me and pulls me close.

I am blessed with 5 children; the oldest is about to be 9-years-old.  They all still think that their Daddy is near perfect and they love to be around me. 

Are they annoying at times?  Yes.  Am I often exhausted when they want a piece of me?  Absolutely. 

Will they always desire to have their Daddy around?  Not at all.

May I seek to take advantage of each opportunity that I have with them and hold them while I can.  My life is passing by at an amazingly rapid pace.  So are theirs.

And so is yours. 

Cherish the time with those you love while you still can.

(What would add to the list of hard things to do while holding a 2-year-old?  Have good memories of your children?  Share away!)

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