My Top Ten of 2010

When reading my blog is outlawed only outlaws will read my blog.  Until then it is open to everybody.  Here are my top 10 most-viewed posts of 2010.  Take a look:

Brian Wilson’s Beard

Depression, Hope, and Travis Tritt

Your Blog Sucks

The Tom Petty of Christmas Tree Ornaments

Five Little Sinners

Costumes and Kittens

The Wisdom of Derek Dooley

Avoiding Bad Christmas Plays

I Beat My Children

A Skunk and a Chicken (and Me and You)

A Near-Death Baptism

And here are a five of my personal favorites that didn’t get a lot of on-line love:

Better Than Cake

Remembering Mamaw

Rain Walking

Dirty Laundry

Feeling Awkward

I hope that you have enjoyed reading as I have enjoyed writing.

While you’re here, leave a comment with a link to one of your favorite posts that you wrote in 2010!  Go ahead–it will be fun.  Sort of.


9 thoughts on “My Top Ten of 2010

  1. OK, this HAS to STOP! Every blog I go to, you have JUST been there, and posted something close to what I think I would have written. So then I weakly just comment on your post. Stop it!

    I also liked A Skunk and a Chicken.

    Of course, I just started reading your blog, so I don’t have much to go on here….

    I am a new blogger without much happnin yet, but I liked


    Keep up the good work writin’ and I will keep on readin!

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