An IHOP Sick Day

I’m not saying that eating at IHOP last night made me sick.  I’m saying that I ate at IHOP last night and now I’m sick.  Is there a correlation?  Possibly.  I have long thought that there should be a Surgeon General’s warning at the entrance of every IHOP.  It hasn’t happened yet.

So, today I am sick.  Two things that I don’t do much of when I am sick: write and sit-ups.  Actually, I rarely ever do sit-ups.  I do write almost every day, but not today.  Thanks, IHOP.

I tried to find a clip of Jim Gaffigan talking about IHOP and failed.  Instead, enjoy his thoughts on bacon.


5 thoughts on “An IHOP Sick Day

  1. My husband loves IHOP, however, my stomach does not. Everytime he talks me into going there, I feel sick after. Coincidence? I think not.

  2. This was SO funny! I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of him before. Thanks for posting this!
    I hope you feel better real soon!
    ~ H

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