The Things We Crave

Thanks to Wendell’s Market in Oakdale I know that chocolate gravy may be what gets served alongside chicken-n-dumplins every day in Heaven.  Chocolate gravy?!?!  Yes, chocolate gravy.  I used to be a frequent customer at Wendell’s when we lived in Oakdale (a tiny town north of Harriman, TN) and one day when I went in Wendell himself handed me a small bowl of it.  When it hit my mouth my taste buds let out an audible cheer.  I think I heard harps playing in the distance.  I would have danced a jig, but I’m not sure what a jig is so I just swayed from side to side like a middle school boy at his very first dance.

I am thankful for Wendell’s Market for a much more important reason, too: they helped me take care of one of my wife’s cravings during her first few months of pregnancy.  Four of our five children are adopted so we have only gone through one pregnancy.  The craving that they helped me take care of was her desire for french fries one morning for breakfast.  I guess I could have tried to make them myself, but my desire to do so was outmatched by my desire not to burn our house down.  So I called Wendell and he said that he could hook us up.

For a while, I thought that I didn’t have any cravings, that I was immune to this phenomenon that seems to strike so many people.  I was wrong.  I do have cravings.  They hit at the strangest times.  They are uncotrollable and they  insist on hanging around, sort of like hemorrhoids or acne. 

Here are a few of my cravings (in no particular order):

1.  Chicken-n-dumplins.  Spelled just like that, no fancy “g” needed.  If you spell it “chicken and dumplings,” you are probably someone who doesn’t eat them much.  Or a Yankee.  Down south we spell them chicken-n-dumplins and sing about the “pow’r in the blood” the way you’re supposed to.

2.  Fried Bologna Sandwiches.  Frying a food is the easiest way to make it simultaneously less healthy and better tasting.  Bologna is one such food.  So are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Snickers bars, and Twinkies.  Don’t judge.  I don’t eat this type of stuff oten because I have a good relationship with my heart.  It has a good beat.

3.  Pork Rinds.  Maybe I don’t like my heart as much as I thought.  We sometimes go to a large flea market about 20 minutes away from our house that has pork rinds of various flavors, including bacon.  The red on my neck may night be bright, but it is surely there–the previous sentence proves it.

4.  Chocolate covered raisins.  I am perfectly aware that these look like goat poop and I am perfectly fine with that.  It is the taste that matters.  This also the healthiest food on this list.

5.  Honey mustard.  On just about anything.  Chicken, sausage, broccoli, whatever.  The Israelites would have never complained about manna if they had honey mustard to dip it in.  I wonder if there is a version of the Bible that talks about a land flowing with milk and honey mustard.  There should be.

6.  Fiddle-Faddle.  Or Crunch’n Munch. Or Cracker Jack.  Really any type of caramel-coated popcorn and peanut is fine.  I have honestly eaten a whole box of Fiddle-Faddle for lunch before.  I was not having a good day.  Afterward I had a great day to go along with an upset stomach.  Some things are worth it.

7.  Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  Sometimes I will go for the chocolate iced, custard filled.  Most of the time I stick with the glazed ones, hot and fresh.  Plus, I like the way my 2-year-old says doughnuts.  She replaces the “d” with an “n.”  I giggle every time she says it.

These are the top seven things that I crave plus a list of reasons why I am overweight.  Of course, there are a few other things that I crave, things that are far more serious.

I crave God–to know Him more fully and deeply. 

I crave my wife–to be with her, to be close. 

I crave my children–to hold them, to teach them, to learn from them.

I crave relationships–to know and be known by others in a deep and profound way.

These are often harder to satisfy than my food cravings and their importance is far greater.  Our attention is often drawn to what is easy, not what is vital.  May we order our lives in such a way as to satisfy the cravings that are significant and spend less time on those that are not.

(What do you crave–both the serious and not-so-serious?)


28 thoughts on “The Things We Crave

  1. I laughed when you compared choc-covered raisins to goat poop. Never thought of that, yet so true…

    I crave twizzlers and Mr. Pibb from time to time (nearly every day).

    I also crave deeper and fuller relationships with those I love (God, my wife and kids). Good post!

  2. One thing I don’t crave is pork rinds! Ugh! You almost lost me there, but totally redeemed it with “a land flowing with milk & honey mustard!” Comedy gold!

    I didn’t see scrapple on your list, or that liver sandwich thing they do in TN.

    Like you, I crave closer relationships with:


    My wife


    Fellow man

    Don’t always know how to do it.

  3. tres leches cake. Yeah, you southern boys probably know nothing about that. It’s a cake that has ‘three milks’. I never knew what the other two were, but one has to be cow’s milk…. right? right?

  4. funny that you should mention the choc covered raisn’s looking like goat poop. they also look like rabbit poop. and needless to say we use to have a rabbit!. one day we had the rabbit in the house and sarah was holding it and we had also been eating rasins that day. oops. she took a bite of what she thought was a rasin on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well it wasnt.

  5. Bacon-flavored pork rinds, eh? Those would probably go well with potato-flavored potato chips.

    Right now I have a craving for Hawkins Cheezies. Only available in Canada. They are awesome crunchy nuggets of cheesy goodness.

  6. Ice cream. Any kind really, but if you really want to make me happy, go for coffee/mocha/cappaccino flavored, oreo, or (at places where you get mix-ins) oreo-n-peanut butter or cinnamon ice cream with almonds. YUM.

    Also, Italian. Fancy stuff is wonderful (Maggiano’s, Olive Garden, Carrabba’s…), but I like Kraft mac and cheese (or Aldi brand!) just the same too. Or Fazoli’s. Any kind of Italian will do.

    So, what’ve we got? Pasta/cheese and ice cream. Hence my fatness too. But I’m working on it!!!! 😀

  7. I am surprised that Ben and Jerry’s Phish food didn’t get a shout out. Maybe that’s just a west coast thing (although B&J’s is East coast) I agree Klondike bars ain’t half bad either.

  8. I crave lots of things that are bad for me, attention, recognition, etc.

    I crave thinks that are good for me: improving relationships, time to devote to volunteering, direction

    I crave Krispy Kreme too (no longer in Texas), DARK Chocolate covered raisins, right now I’m indulging in a whole bag of Hint of Lime Tostitos and Peach Salsa… but my most Southern craving of all is warm Sweet Cornbread in a bowl swimming in ice cold milk. YUUUUUUUUMMMMMMYYYYY

  9. You had me at Chicken and Dumplings. The rest was just downhill from there. Ha ha. 🙂 I had NEVER heard of chocolate gravy before until I got married. My wife is from Oklahoma, and one day as we were going to see her grandparents, she put in a strange request – she was going to ask for chocolate gravy and biscuits for breakfast. Grossest thing I had ever heard of.

    And then I ate it. It’s like pudding and biscuits. Brilliant!

    Of course, I’m from the deep south and my wife had never heard of grits. Sadly, I didn’t change her mind on that one. 🙂

    I’ve seen your comments around a lot of leadership sites – Scott Williams’ site mainly. I love your content, man. Wish I would have seen it long ago!

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