Death of a Woman

Breath rattling
Eyes closing
Death is coming
Upon her soon.

Family grieving
Tears flowing
They all know
Her time has come.

Hearts broken
Goodbyes spoken
The monitors show
That she is gone.

Thinking deeply
Knowing sweetly
That she is safe
And finally home.


25 thoughts on “Death of a Woman

  1. I bet you’ve stood in that doorway with many people throughout your life. Interesting that you post this the day after I just wrote a short bit about my grandmother passing.

  2. It’s amazing how much goes on during those last minutes when a person crosses from life to death. How much emotion for both a loss of life and a new life at home.

    Thanks for blessing me with this.

  3. Very moving poem filled with a lot of words that connect deep within.
    I haven’t been through this yet, but imagine when I have to this is how it might look and not looking forward to that day. Great job with your words.

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