Loving the Little Things

Jody Wright has coached basketball at Fulton High School for over a quarter of a century.  Last Thursday night Fulton’s gym was renamed Jody Wright Arena in his honor.  I read about this in the Knoxville News-Sentinel and thought it to be a kind tribute to a good coach who seems to care greatly about his players, his school, and his community.  But the picture that accompanied the article made me chuckle.  See if you can tell why here.

Did you see the date?  No?  Go back and look again.  Try making the picture larger.  Or squinting.  Did you see it that time?  Underneath “Jody Wright Arena,” the plaque says “Dedicated February 8, 2010.”  It is an honest mistake–being a year off on a date.  Maybe the person responsible for the plaque ordered it last year.  Maybe they did it right after the transition from 2010 to 2011.  I hope that whoever made the mistake doesn’t feel to badly about it.  I, for one, liked it.  It reminded me of one of the many reasons why I love my wife.

Kristy gave me a new Bible for Father’s Day last year.  She gives me a new Bible every other year for one holiday or another because I am notorious for leaving my Bible on top of my vehicle, getting into my vehicle, and then driving off leaving it to fend for itself in the elements.  The elements usually aren’t kind to God’s Word. 

She wrote a few nice things on the “To/From” page at the front of the Bible, but that is not what I immediately noticed.  What caught my eye was the date that she had written down: June 20, 2012.  She didn’t go back a year or forward a year; she jumped ahead TWO WHOLE YEARS.  I remember smiling broadly, telling her how much I loved it, and not mentioning the wrong date because I was afraid it would make her feel bad.  That was the last thing that I wanted to do.  In truth, I loved that the date was wrong.

There are plenty of big reasons why I love my wife.  I could go on and on about them all.  But, to be honest, it is the little things and sometimes the silly things that I love the most.  Like when she gets upset about something and hops up a down a few quick times.  Or how she won’t scratch my back because if she is murdered the police will think I did it since my DNA would be under her fingernails.  Or how she never eats all of whatever she is snacking on because she knows I want some even though I told her I didn’t.  Her writing the wrong date in my Bible is just another thing to add to this list.

I love my wife because she is unique and special.  And most of all because she is mine and I am hers.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Beautiful!  I love you more!

(What little, silly things do you love about your significant other?  What little, silly things do you do that you hope he/she loves about you? Share away!)


33 thoughts on “Loving the Little Things

  1. Thank you for loving my daughter. If the Lord calls me home today I know she will be cherished by you for the rest of her life. God Bless you.

  2. Dude this almost brought tears to my eyes. I thank God for good marriages that honestly reflect Him.

    My wife is a dancer. Not a professional dancer. Not a ballroom dancer. She just dances whenever she feels like it – when she is rollerskating, when she is playing with the kids at church, when she feels like making someone laugh. I love that about her. It keeps the mood light.

  3. I love that he never buys me flowers when he’s “supposed to” (like today), but instead finds way better reasons to surprise me with flowers. I love that he makes me laugh harder than anyone else. I love that he passed on his knowledge of how to find the fastest moving line in WalMart. I love that he can earworm me better than anyone else on the planet.

    No wait. I hate that last thing.

    • I hope by earworm you mean that he gets songs stuck in your head and not that he puts worms in your ears. Either way, it’s bad. And if you have the ability to pick out the fastest moving lines at Wal-mart PLEASE SHARE! 🙂

      • I don’t know if that information should be passed on. It feels like a power that could fall into the wrong hands and then allow those hands to do evil more quickly.

        But it has something to do with Mentos.

  4. OR…maybe your wife is actually from the future and she’s giving you glimpses at what Bibles will look like a year from now. I’m just saying. All she needs is the Flex Capacitor.

    Seriously, sweet post, man.

  5. This is an awesome post. Well done.

    My wife has this habit of buying me socks. Not because I need them, she just loves it. Maybe something about my feet?

    I breakdance for my wife. She laughs, I hurt. then she massages my damaged back. 🙂

  6. I love that my wife keeps our family calendar. I mean, I can keep up with my work stuff/appointments and such… but for some reason, I lose track of all the things we need to do on the weekends/weeknights, etc. She is definitely my compliment and better half.

    Oh, and she puts up with my knuckle-cracking. I know it drives her nuts! 🙂

  7. My bride. My covenant partner. The mother of our daughters.

    “She didn’t care what people thought of me,
    She saw through what I thought of myself,
    She saw through who it seemed I was,
    She loved me…me for me,
    She didn’t care what people thought of me,
    She saw through what I thought of myself,
    She saw through who it seemed I was,
    She loved me…me for me,
    She, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

    Dig Hay Zoose- “Love Song”

    That, my friend, is what I say to my bride,daily.

    Nice post, by the way.

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