Raindrops are heavy
When your head is
Hanging low

Mixing with tears
Streaking your face
Piercing your

Dreams and hopes
Can be dashed
So quickly

Possibilities that
Seemed endless
Are now

But the raindrops
Will stop falling




14 thoughts on “Eventually

  1. This week I met with a family that had their 4 month old drown. It was awful. It’s moments like this where time is the only thing that will eventually stop the raindrops.

  2. Love this Matt. Eventually everything will get better. We may experience pain and sadness for a moment (sometimes for a long moment) but it always ends at some point. I’m gonna print this out and hang it up in my office!

  3. Deep, brother. I wish we had explanations for the things we don’t understand – loss of loved ones, starving children, etc. But I suppose that’s why we’re given a measure of faith. Wonder what would happen if enough of us put that to good use. Thank you for sharing.

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