Seeing the Leprechaun

What do you see?

This painting hangs in one of the hallways in the building where I work.  There is nothing spectacular about it.  And there aren’t any happy little trees in it, which disappoints the part of my brain that stores memories of Bob Ross painting landscapes while speaking in one of the most soothing voices that human ears have ever heard.  Unlike his majestic masterpieces, this painting features a vase full of flowers on a ledge overlooking what appears to be a body of water.  So boring.

At least this is what I thought until I noticed the leprechaun.

I had walked by this painting numerous times and never noticed the little guy.  After hearing me complain about the ugly painting that adorns one of the walls in my office, a co-worker walked me up to this painting and asked me if I could see the leprechaun.  I couldn’t.  He told me to look closer.  I still couldn’t see him.  After walking backward and forward, after turning my head first this way and then that, he gave me the only hint that I needed.

“He’s a little green leprechaun coming out of a horn o’ plenty taking time to smell the flowers.”

That’s when I saw him.

Do you see him now?

Maybe you still don’t see him.  But I do.  And now that I am able to see him, I am unable to see anything else.  And it is all because someone who had already seen him took the time to point him out to me.

The heavens declare the glory of God;
   the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Psalm 19:1

Not everyone can see God and His glory through creation, but I can. 

I can see is unmatched beauty through a multi-colored sunset.

I can see His sustaining presence in an old oak tree.

I can see His magnificent strength in the mountains that rise into the sky.

I can His delicate design in the face of a child.

Can you?

Creation, God’s painting,  is still beautiful though it is marred by the effects of sin.  And it still declares the glory of God.  It is hard for some to see it, but it is surely there.  May those who have seen God through His creation never hesitate to point Him out to those who haven’t yet realized His presence. 

This process may take a while and it can be frustrating.   But it is worth it. 

Because once they truly see Him, they will be unable to see anything else. 

(Did you see the leprechaun right away?  Or did it take seeing the second picture?  Or are you still not able to see it?  What are other ways can you see God through creation?  Share away!)

33 thoughts on “Seeing the Leprechaun

  1. I so saw the leprechaun right away. But that is one weird painting.

    It’s spring all the way down here in the southerns swamps of Georgia, so everything is in bloom. Not hard to appreciate Creation during a season like this.

  2. I remember hearing astronaut, Jim Irwin, speaking of standing on the surface of the moon, looking back at the earth and seeing God. He was not, at that time, a believer, but that was the first step in his coming to faith. The only purpose of science is truly to reveal to us the handiwork of a Creator who loves us beyond measure and proved it in the most loving act of any being…to give His only Son in death for my life. The heaven do proclaim Him loudly for all who will listen.

    Thanks for sharing!

    And…I saw it only after the hint!

  3. I saw the leprechaun only after you mentioned him (him?)…

    For me the birth of a child absolutely speaks to the beauty of our Creator–from all the things that take place in the body, to the miraculous life that is being formed…. it’s amazing. Oh, and Thin Mints. Those are miraculous also.

  4. I saw him! I saw him! At least I think it was since I don’t really know what a lep looks like. I have only seen pictures of one. (Attempt at) Stupid humor aside: it reminds me of that picture of the old hag or young lady in Covey’s book. Since I am an early riser I get to see some marvelous sunrises. I love seeing freshly fallen snow covering a landscape (but am ready for Spring). But I would also have to go with Dustin’s and the birth of a child. So much to write about. Where do you stop?

  5. Ahhh, Magically delicious! I saw him…that’s what us artist do, we hide things.

    I’m glad the Father reveals Himself through creation…when I’m at the ocean it’s where I see and hear Him the best I think.

  6. I didn’t notice him right away, but once you pointed it out, I can’t not see him!

    That’s kind of how it is for me sometimes. I can get so wrapped up in seeing what is right in front of me (circumstances, troubles, tasks) that it takes me awhile to see God working in the every day things. But once it’s pointed out, I can’t not help but see Him moving.

  7. I didn’t see it until you gave the explanation. Then it jumped out. That’s was really cool how that happened. Like you led me to it exactly as planned. Well played.

    I see God in trees. I absolutely LOVE trees. I love how branches weave through each other. How the big strong trunk is rooted deep. I love how they look with the sun as a backdrop. I can’t deny His glory when I look at trees.

  8. I know this is totally cliche, but anybody with children should be able to see the miracle of creation, God’s creation, right away. Each and every part of what makes us Human, how can you NOT see that?

    Oh, and I saw the green monster only after you pointed him out, now I can’t look away. He’s there, and he’s got me lucky charms…

  9. I saw it right off…but admitedly, I didn’t know it was a leprechaun.

    I see God…or think of God…when I hear amazing things like how the brain works. It’s so complex and amazing!

  10. I can see the love of God in that He gave me a wonderful husband who loves me, even after 15 years. I mean, really, after 15 years, there’s no hiding my faults anymore. And Bob still loves me.
    Bob and I honeymooned in Hawaii. Awesome sunrises and sunsets. Sometimes we go to Lake Michigan to watch the sunrise. It’s every bit as beautiful over the lake as it is over the ocean.
    Yeah, I like mountains and flowers and stuff, too.

  11. I’m not sure that he’s a leprechaun. He looks like something that was made in Mordor. Just saying. 🙂

    Very good illustration on creation. I love to see the beauty of it, because it shows how much more beautiful and majestic he is.

  12. I saw the Keebler Elf.


    Not really.

    I’m reading a book now that likens the church to crabgrass of all things. And wouldn’t you know? It makes sense–how we’re connected as members of body.

    My roundabout way of saying it’s amazing the lessons we can learn of God & His kingdom from nature–and paintings.

  13. i saw it right away! he’s a sneaky thing. great point about seeing God, too 🙂 it’s easy to get caught up in the things of this world and miss out on Him.

  14. I saw him immediately, but I have a 6 year old who’s really into hidden picture activity books right now.

    I see God in creation when I see my children, or when I hear a piece of instrumental music – something about the talent of mixing all those sound elements reminds me of how God spoke the world into existence.

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