The Way We Walk

The fact that I took a walking class while in college does not make me a walking expert.  I’m not even sure that there is such a thing as a walking expert.  What I am sure about is that I like watching people walk.  Except for speed-walkers; their pointy hips and skinny legs sort of creep me out.  All other types of walker, though, are fine.  People who strut.  People who walk with short, baby steps.  People who take overly long strides that push the boundaries of physics.  People who walk like Egyptians.  I like watching them all.  But the type of people who I have grown to enjoy watching the most are men who walk with their chests puffed out.

You’ve seen these types of guys, right?  They walk around looking like wealthy roosters who own their own countries and have multi-million dollar yachts and who eat fried chicken just because they can.  Am I saying that they walk around like rich, cannibalistic chickens?  Possibly.

I’m really not sure why I like watching them so much, but I think that it has to do with what I imagine are the reasons that they are walking this way.  Here are the 3 things that I come to mind whenever I see a guy walking around with a puffed out chest:

1.  He has recently punched someone in the face. Confession: I am 33 years old and I have never punched anyone in the face.  In fact, I have never really gotten into a fight.  It’s probably because of my size and demeanor.  As a rule, people don’t choose to mess with jocular, gigantic men.  But I can imagine that if I ever did punch someone in the face that my chest would automatically puff out.  And that it would become 43% more hairy.

2.  He has Adonis DNA and tiger blood in his veins. Let me first say that I love Charlie Sheen as much as I do anyone else and pray that he gets the help that he seems to so desperately need.  But I am so glad that he has introduced these 2 phrases into our vocabulary.  I’m not sure what having the DNA of a character from Greek Mythology or the blood from a jungle cat would do to you.  However, I am pretty sure it would make your chest puff out.  At least a little.  And it apparently makes you hate your career.

3.  He’s a cowboy. Yes, I’m a grown man who still thinks real live cowboys are the epitome of cool.  This does not apply to real live rhinestone cowboys.  They’re not cool; not even a little.

Even though I have these thoughts about people who walk with their chests puffed out and enjoy observing the walking styles of others, I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about my own walking style.  I do spend a lot of time thinking about my spiritual walk, though.

For we walk by faith, not by sight.
2 Corinthians 5:7

Walking with strut or with small steps or with long strides or with a puffed out chest really doesn’t matter.  What matters is that we seek to walk by faith.

Moment by moment.

Every single day.

All the way Home.

Even when it’s difficult.

Even when we’re terrible at it.

Because God is worth it.

(How do you walk?  What is your favorite walking style to observe?  How is your spiritual walk these days? Share away!)


29 thoughts on “The Way We Walk

  1. I used to be a fake cowboy. Very John Travalota like. Very disappointing.

    I like the Gangsta walk. You know. It’s the dude who walks and drags his leg. Because he’s hoping his pants stay up.

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  2. This reminds me of the “Ministry of Silly Walks.”

    My preferred method of foot-travel is the skip, but my daughters would disagree, especially in the mall. Loudly.

  3. Unfortunately, in the context of your post, that verse just made me pictures Christians walking beside the chest puffers and speeders, wearing a blindfold and grasping around in front of them.

    Even though my brain tells me that’s not so.

  4. “But I can imagine that if I ever did punch someone in the face that my chest would automatically puff out. And that it would become 43% more hairy.”

    I have punched someone in the face and I’m glad this isn’t true at all. I would have looked crazy having a harry chest at age 10.

  5. Back straight and chin up (chest not puffed out though). For too long I walked hunched over and tentatively. Now I walk in the confidence that I get from the Lord.

    And wait, you’re 33? I could have sworn I saw somewhere that you were 30. I even said I was older than you the other day. I’m so confused now.

  6. I always thought that speed walkers look like people needing to go the bathroom real bad…Me, I love the sloooow walk, the kind that meanders…its the “aaahhh” walk.

    That’s how I roll cowboy!

  7. I’m from New York, so I am obligated to walk like I’m listening to hip hop. Just to survive! 🙂 I got New York tiger blood in me. Not sure if this is good or bad, it just is.

  8. I’m partial to the gangsta walk – only because I think it’s ridiculously funny. I have caught myself laughing when I’ve seen a guy walk by with his pants below his butt. It just looks silly.

  9. I love that verse because it comes out of nowhere. It’s a parenthetical statement; if Koine Greek had footnotes, that would be one. The great thing about Biblical parentheticals is that they are things the author takes for granted. Paul doesn’t feel the need to explain too much about this fact, because it pretty much speaks for itself. The rest of the surrounding verses (until v. 17 and beyond) confuse the heck out of me, but I’m glad Paul throws that one in there for us.

  10. um, yup, I was thinking

    Hopefully that shows up.

    Frankly, I’m a bit pidgeon-toed but still manage to walk in straight lines. My spiritual walk is uphill right now, but God is doing most of the walking for me.

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