Beware of Fatherhood

Normally on Friday I post a poem in honor of my OneWord for the year–risk.  For today I did something even riskier: my very first guest post.  Ricky Anderson is a guy who I met via the internets.  He is about to be a first-time father and wanted to know if I would write a post about fatherhood.  Here is how the e-mail conversation sort of went:

Him:  “Want to write a guest post about fatherhood?”

Me:  “Sure!”

Him:  “Cool!”

From that interaction, a guest post was born.

Here’s a teaser:  No, not Winnie, the cute and cuddly lover of honey.  He’s “the pooh,” not “the poo.”


To read the rest and leave a comment (and win a chance to have my wife’s next animal named after you) click right


(and check back  tomorrow for a new poem).

15 thoughts on “Beware of Fatherhood

  1. That was most excellent. Since my wife is pregnant with our first and second (twins) I really enjoyed this post! Great stuff.

  2. I hate to admit this transgression but I am a former violator of the “ceiling fan rule”. I really don’t want to revisit the details as more therapy sessions may be in order but let’s just say that my now 16 year old daughter has a ceiling fan phobia.

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