As They Walk Along

He holds her hand;
Each step is unsteady.
Tears fill his eyes
As they walk along.

His cancer has spread;
Time is quickly fading.
He thinks of the past
As they walk along.

His wife has depended
Upon him for years.
Worry fills his heart
As they walk along.

He remembers that God
Knows what He is doing.
He starts to smile
As they walk along.



39 thoughts on “As They Walk Along

  1. Thanks, Matt. I know a couple who is going through something very similar. I don’t think he’s long for this world, but he is confident of his final destination.

  2. Beautiful. Not you Matt, well, I’m not saying you are not beautiful, I’m just saying that… wait, what I meant.. whoa. Never mind. :/

  3. I love how poetry packs so much meaning into so few words. As a guy maybe I shouldn’t admit it, but I wish I wrote more poems. But they come from a different place than “regular” blog posts, wouldn’t you say?

    In any case, this is a beautiful poem, Matt.

    • Yes–they come from a very different place. I was hesitant to write and publish poems on this site until I decided to simply do what I wanted to do without thinking about how “good” or “bad” it might be.

      Thanks, Chad–appreciate it.

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